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Microsoft Office suite is one of the most popular software packages in the world. It’s really amazing how a set of software changed the picture of the modern world. From shops to offices, from class assignments to billion-dollar projects, this office suite software is used. PowerPoint is a very important member of the group. It is widely used for making presentation slides. But it has many potentials people are not aware of. In fact, it is a very versatile software. Here, we have explored some Interesting things that can be done on PowerPoint apart from just making presentations.


Animation: Everybody loves animation. But when it comes to creating animation, we often think it is very difficult. PowerPoint allows us to create simple animation without putting much effort. After opening PowerPoint look at the menu bar, you will see the animation tab. Here, you can find many effects like fade, fly-in, float in, spilt, and so on. Select your object and apply one of those; you can see the effect by pressing the preview button. You can also play with motion paths. PowerPoint allows you to control the animation duration and many more things.


Basic video editing: We can use PowerPoint for basic video editing. We can adjust the length of the video, add music, add frame and do many more things. One interesting thing is we can select different shapes to display the video. It definitely doesn’t allow us to control complex tasks but many people may find it serving their purpose just fine.


Basic photo editing: Removing background from photos is one of the most underrated tasks that can be done on PowerPoint. First click on the insert tab and select the photo you want to work with. Then look for the ‘Remove background’ button on the left of the window. Clicking the button you will find options to select whether you want to remove some parts or keep some parts. Apply the changes and there you go!


Poster: We can design PowerPoint to create posters. PowerPoint gives us many tools to create designs. We can change the size of the slide, format the background colour to our liking. We can choose from many types of fonts. We can add icons and images.


Infographics: Like posters, we can create infographics in PowerPoint. We can download icons from the internet and insert them to PowerPoint. We can use shapes and colours to make our project look attractive. It is important to change the slide size to high numbers so that the text remains legible.


Greeting card: We can design cards on PowerPoint very easily. From business cards to greeting cards all types of cards can be designed on PowerPoint. As said earlier, we can add icons to make our card more attractive. We can also find many patterns from the format background option.


Icons and Logos: PowerPoint offers us many shapes to create Icons and Logos. We can add colour and tweak those according to our need.


Isn’t it great how we can do so many things just on a single software?  Next time you see PowerPoint, see it with a different eye.

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