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Top 5 Free Writing Software & Tools to become An Eminent Content Writer

Content writers often face a number of common problems related to spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and imperfect sentence structure, which constantly degrade the quality of their content. Many of the new content writers often find it hard to create an error free write up as they don’t get any support from any source to solve their grammatical or spelling mistakes. Even in many cases it becomes quite difficult for them to create the best combination of words or phrases.

So how can these common problems be solved? What could be the right solution?

Today we will discuss some special websites and apps that will be able to easily solve these problems. Let’s take a look on some essential tools for content writers to improve their writing skill :


This app is a readability tool which actually highlights the common errors, lengthy & complex sentences, grammatical errors and makes your writings more bold and clear. Basically this app removes lengthy complex sentences and modifies our writings into a more readable one.

So according to the website, when you see a sentence or line highlighted in yellow color that means you have to split it or edit. When it’s red in color your sentence is too dense and complicated for the readers to read it. So then you have to edit the sentence to remove the red color, otherwise your readers will lose their attention. Blue highlight indicates adverb and weakening phrases. Green highlights the passive voice.



Grammarly is basically an online grammar checker app which automatically detects all the errors from our blog like grammar, punctuation, adjective, sentence structure and style mistakes etc. This app also eliminates grammatical issues and suggests some perfect words or phrases according to your thoughts. Actually to create a perfect writing grammarly is enough and almost self-contained with perfect outcome.


Headline Analyzer is basically a free online app for writers to analyze the perfect length, structure, grammatical terms, word combination & readability of your headline and to create a unique, tender & eye-catching headline. This app can identify common and frequently used unscrupulous words which naturally decrease the quality of your content and don’t convey much meaning. It’s also an amazing tool as an SEO checker. Basically it provides several scores for readability as well as sentiments and eventually can identify those commonly used words which can reduce the value of your content.


Answer The Public is one of the most powerful automated autocomplete tools for discovering what people are searching for in Google. Basically it visualizes the searched questions and suggests autocomplete searches in an image called “Search Cloud”. This tool follows some basic process to identify the potential topics for contents. This app has a built up database from millions of searches that predict what you’re going to ask, based on the information that’s already been entered.


Plagiarism Detector is basically an online triggered software which helps writers, bloggers, and webmasters to check for plagiarism. This free and effective essay checker software eventually scans and compares files against the submitted text to detect plagiarism or content similarity. It’s the best software to check plagiarism and the best part of using this software is it doesn’t matter if it is used by a student or a professional worker, everyone can have their accessibility to use this free online software.

Today we have discussed the top five free writing software and tools for Content writers and hope that these amazing tools or software that will help you to create plagiarism free unique standard content with the best combinations of phrases and words which will be able to express your thoughts perfectly.


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