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There was once a time when people had to cross miles and even rivers to reach their schools. Not only that, people even left their hometowns for the sake of better education, a better way of living. However; when our world started to digitalize its operations the whole education system took a 360 turn. What took almost hours to do was now only a matter of a few clicks. The companies in Bangladesh left no stones unturned to develop the Ed tech industry here. And in this way we ended up having nearly 138 startups in this sector. Let’s have a look at the ones which are thriving the most currently.

10 minute School:

Let us begin with 10 Minute school which is currently the top rated company of Bangladesh as they are creating exceptional content for the students. The speciality of this school is that the topics discussed here are explained in a very simple way and most of the topics are for the students who will give their HSC or SSC exam or entry level exams at Universities. They even publish books which act as a guide for the students.

Interactive Cares:

Next up is Interactive Cares which is a thriving and the second favorite ed tech company in Bangladesh. And currently Interactive Cares is one of the best ed-tech startups in Bangladesh.It is an One Stop Virtual Ed-tech Platform for Creating Employability Through Courses, Career Paths & Learning Paths.Also it is a new ed-tech platform is catering to 35,000 people to reduce the unemployment rate.They offer special courses like learning paths and career paths which gradually help the students to understand a particular topic.


Founded in 2016 by Yanur Islam Piash and Galib Hassan Khan, two alumnae of BUET, Bohubrihi is one of the popular e-learning platforms in Bangladesh. Today, Bohubrihi offers a wide range of courses on a diverse set of skills.


Shikho is one of the new startups in the edtech industry which aims to provide a holistic learning experience for students of class 9 & 10. Shikho started its journey on April 1, 2019. Though Shikho still has a long way to go, it can surely be stated that Shikho is one of the ed-tech startups we should watch out for.


UpSkill is a skill-sharing platform that is working to close the skill gap between the job candidates and industries, specifically on the technical vertical. Learners can get access to all of the video lessons on Upskill platform for only TK. 3000/year. Besides, they can also register for workshops conducted by industry experts to learn new skills.

Online education has slowly been gaining momentum in Bangladesh — a growing number of entrepreneurs are looking to use tech and the internet to take education online.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this pace. Ed-Tech startups have been receiving increased attention from both users and investors since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic — at least three local education technology startups raised investments of different sizes in the past several months.Among them Interactive Cares is one the best leading startups in Bangladesh.

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