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Best EdTech Platform for Learning Skills in Bangladesh

There’s a popular saying, ‘Don’t pick a career, pick a skill or skill set.’ Intelligent minds realize that they can’t know every single thing in the universe, but they can keep growing with time. ‘Growing’ may sound confusing, but being flexible to change opens up the door to explore the vast potential.

In the world of rapidly-paced sets, reinvent yourself with new skills, every day.

Last year, 47 million US workers quit the regular workforce which is known as the Great Resignation. So, it’s pretty clear that the idea of work culture doesn’t motivate today’s people in the long run. Only a smart workforce training strategy can fill the gap in the modern world. 

EdTech companies come forward to provide a solution to this market gap & make learning easier as well as convenient. EdTech is the combination of two words- Education & Technology. An EdTech platform creates educational videos, arranges masterclasses, and sets up modules to teach through the internet.

In this article, we have put our spotlight on the top 5 EdTech Platforms for Learning Skills in Bangladesh.



Currently, Shikho is the largest EdTech platform in Bangladesh, offering more than 25 courses. Shikho is a pioneering Bangladeshi education technology startup on a mission to revolutionize the way Bangladesh learns today and democratize access to a high-quality education.

The Shikho Learning App allows students to learn at their own pace, test themselves and get ahead with our expert teachers anytime and anywhere. By offering high-quality animated video lessons, interactive live classes, visualized learning journeys, continuous assessment, and performance analytics, Shikho is changing the way Bangladesh learns outside the classroom.

Shikho was founded in April 2019 by CEO Shahir Chowdhury, who previously worked in finance and business, including as a director at HSBC UK’s Private Bank, and chief operating officer Zeeshan Zakaria, who also worked in finance before becoming a mathematics teacher.


Interactive Cares

Interactive Cares offers superior solutions for digital learning in a diverse range. It leads to the wave of the global shift to e-learning from physical classes in Bangladesh. Interactive cares is a Best edtech startup in bangladesh. Unlike the other organizations, it offers courses that not only focus on how to excel in academics but also provide a platform for you to know your interests and skills. Apart from that, you can also build up as many skills as possible since they offer a range of skill learning courses with experts who have a great deal of experience in that area.

More importantly, you can try out courses that align with your passion and they are constantly in search of ways to provide you with a new way of learning. 

They have some unique courses like learning path and career path which is an advanced module where you get online resources for learning and lifetime mentor counseling as well. 


Coders Trust

CodersTrust Bangladesh is another e-learning website where that focuses on skill development and IT education. The IT sector is evolving rapidly around the globe and that is why this institute collaborated with IDEA and the ICT division of Bangladesh where the mission is to provide IT education to over 200,000 underprivileged children in Bangladesh.

As Bangladesh is still a developing country it is evident that a lot of the population is yet to get all the fasciitis it should get. For the country’s betterment, the literacy rate has to accelerate or it would be impossible for us to increase our human resources. Coders Trust understands this issue and designed its courses in an effective manner so that all the underprivileged and disadvantaged children can afford to get proper education.


10 minutes School

In terms of brand positioning, 10 Minutes School already grabbed the image of ‘Brand Ambassador of Bangladeshi  EdTech’ in our country. It is the largest education technology company in Bangladesh with 40 million students. 

In May 2015, it started the journey with a few Math and English videos. But now they teach over 9.3 million students every day across all their platforms. They have employed over 300 people around Bangladesh and currently work with over 500+ educators and 2,500+ collaborators. Their learning app has over 3 million app users.

Their vision is to remove geographical & economic limitations & ensure quality education for all. Some of their offered courses are  MS Office A-Z, Facebook Marketing, Freelancing,Graphic & Web Designing, 



Upskill is one of the EdTech Startups in Bangladesh which are trying to make both the lives of students and teachers easier. Here a teacher does not have to come physically to spread knowledge, they can rather set up their classroom at their homes and teach online at their desired schedule.

Isn’t it great that you get to decide your working hours? Upskill’s motto is to revolutionize the traditional style of teaching in Bangladesh. They want to open doors for those who have the potential but do not possess the right resources to get them ahead in their career. That is why, while they do not look much into your educational history, they rather focus on how you know and how vast your knowledge is on a particular subject.

They’re making it easier for students to prepare for their competitive examinations, and increase skill sets. With the aim to make education truly interesting these EdTech startups in Bangladesh have the prospects of changing the current education landscape. 

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