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Make your life easier with Microsoft Excel

Ever felt the necessity of doing large calculations very quickly but accurately? Or organizing the data in a systemic way? Or merging different sets of data in a simpler way? Or just doing any simple math in no time? All these may seem like a lot of work if anyone wants to do these manually. But there is an amazing software tool that can do these works automatically. That is “Microsoft Excel”. This is designed in a way that can process any types of data very efficiently without tedious manual work.



Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet software tools in the world. It is one of the major parts of Microsoft office suite. Ms excel contains tables with different numbers of rows and columns. Users can input data in these rows and columns and can manipulate these data using formulas and functions of excel. Ms excel has so many interesting functions and formulas that can easily manipulate different kinds of data in no time. 


Let’s explore some of the interesting things that can be done using ms excel-

  • Calculating– Using the formulas and functions of excel a large number of data can quickly be calculated. Calculating by using excel is so convenient that anybody can use this function whether you are a student or a corporate job holder. Using ms excel enhances the chance of accuracy and saves a lot of time.
  • Organizing data– Excel is vastly being used for it’s data organizing function. With it’s endless rows and columns data organizing with excel has become very easy. 
  • Analyzing data Ms excel can contain huge number of data and analyses these data. For data analysing there are specific tools in ms excel which can analyze and interpret data very quickly and efficiently.
  • ‌Storing Data-  Storing data in a systemic way is another amazing function of ms excel. Through various tools of ms excel it is so easy and efficient to store a large amount of data.
  • ‌Making charts and graphs- Ms excel offers to represent data in a more visual and simple way. There are pie chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart and so on. It’s so handy to store the data using these charts and graphs.
  • Formatting data- The various formatting options including font style, font size, coloring etc can make data more presentable. Data formatting using ms excel is an excellent function.
  • Scheduling– Excel can be used as a scheduling tool. There are a number to templates available on ms excel that can be used to scheduling. 
  • Providing data security- One of the major use of Ms excel is that it provides security for excel files. All the data can be kept password protected within excel file. Everyone wants their data to be safe so that no one can do any misuse or ruin their data. Ms excel can ensure this very efficiently.



Excel can perform a huge number of tasks automatically. All we need to do is enter data and select formula or functions. Excel will do the work for us. That’s why it is a very handy software tool.


Though it’s a very handy software, sometimes people find it difficult to learn the skill of ms excel. Nowadays lots of options are available to learn ms excel very quickly. There are some very good youtube videos available for learning the basics of ms excel. Anyone can learn by watching these videos. Again there are so many online courses available on excel. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. These courses give more insights of ms excel. In this covid-19 situation where our normal life is stopped, so many renowned courses sites have given the opportunity to learn ms excel at free of cost. Coursera is one of them. There is also Udemy, LinkedIn learning, edX and the list for online courses on excel goes on. That’s why learning ms excel has become also very handy nowadays.



There are a lot of benefits of using ms excel, which is why it is now widely used in almost every sector. Be it corporate companies or banking sectors or stock markets or small businesses or even education sector. For this reason the skill of ms excel has become one of the most important skills of this time. So if you are looking forward to make a career in corporate sectors or start a venture of your own, the skill of ms excel will really help you to stay ahead of others. 

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