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‘Health is Wealth’, we have heard this saying thousands of times. Every time we hear this, we feel an inner urge to start exercising, but very few of us could actually make it happen. A gym membership is something most of us don’t consider and not many among us can afford heavy exercising machines. That leaves us to one option— home workouts. Providing effective results without requiring any machines has put home workout on the go-to exercise list of many people. Home workout also saves us time and hassle as we do not need to go out of the home. Here, we have explored some easy workouts that can be done from home by almost everyone.


  1. Push-Up

Push up is perhaps the most common home workout exercise but it’s indeed very effective. To push up at first you need to kneel on the floor or better if you have an exercise mat and bring both feet together behind you. Slowly bend forward and rest your hands on the floor close to your shoulders. Then initiate a downward motion towards the floor keeping your torso rigid. Do not bend your elbows. Continue until your chest or chin touch the surface. Push-up increases functional strength and enhances our cardiovascular system.




  1. Squat

Squat is found to be a very effective exercise. It can be done in a very small space. To squat first stand keeping your arms by your side and feet wide apart. Then begin a downwards motion by shifting your hips backward. Create a hinge-like shape. Move your head forward without bending your back. Then jump with all your energy but always keep your feet level with each other. Finally, land cautiously by pushing your hips backward to absorb the impact force.


  1. Lunge

Lunge is very helpful for building stability. Lunge also helps in burning belly fat. To lunge first stand with you two feet together. Then without arching your low back, retract your scapulae. The step forward by lifting one foot. Slowly transfer the bodyweight to the leading foot and drop your hips to the floor. Always maintain a flat back while lunging.


  1. Plank

Plank is essential for developing your posture. It also helps to grow abdominal muscles. To plank first lie on the floor on your stomach keeping your elbows under your shoulder. Tighten your torso. Then create an upward motion by slowly lifting your torso without bending your back. Be in the lifting phase for around five seconds. Finally, gently lower your body to the floor again.


  1. Sit-Up

Sit-up increases core strength. It also helps in increasing flexibility. To Sit-up first, lie on your back. Put your hands behind your head and try to pull your elbows upward without bending your back. Create an upward motion and pull your rib cage towards your pelvis. Then release the motion and gently lie on the floor. Do remember to exhale while doing the upward motion and inhale while doing the downward motion.


  1. Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope is a very popular exercise. Skipping rope costs very little and provides huge benefits. Skipping Rope exercise improves our overall coordination. Skipping rope is very easy. First, hold the rope handles with your two hands. Then create a forward rounding motion with the rope and try to jump over the rope. You may struggle a bit at first, but eventually, you will get accustomed.


  1. Climbing Stairs

Climbing stairs is one of the most underrated home workouts. It helps to lose weight and improves heart health. Most of us have access to stairs and it makes climbing stairs a very available exercise for us. I know none of you are waiting for climbing stairs directions; just go to the stairs and climb!


None of these workouts require weeks of preparation, you just need to have a strong determination to start. Don’t delay, start from tomorrow and see yourself becoming the fitter person you dream of!

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