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GRE : What is it and why do we need it?

If you are an undergrad student and thinking of going abroad for higher studies then you have heard the name of “GRE” more than a hundred times. Right? And, if you’re forever confused human like me then I am pretty sure, this “GRE ” thing definitely makes you puzzled almost every time. For those who are wondering about this test, let me help you to clear your confusion. Just bear with me and read this whole article on the importance of GRE! Technically, I’m going to tell you why we actually need to take the test. 

So let’s get started!


What is GRE?

First of all, we need to have a clear concept about GRE! Graduate Record Exam, popularly known as GRE, is a standard aptitude test to get into grad school. It is required in many universities to apply for a Master’s Degree or even for a PhD. So, if you want to apply for higher studies, this test, most likely be one of the determinants of your eligibility to get into your preferred universities. 

GRE has two types of tests. One is a general test and the other one is a subject test. The latter one is basically, the test of showcasing your area of expertise. It helps you to strengthen your possibility to get admitted in your preferred subjects. It’s not like that, you must take the subject test. 

Whereas, the GRE general test is actually the “GRE Test”, also our today’s topic of discussion. 

General test has three sections. Total marks is 400. The sections are : 


Verbal Reasoning : This is known as the hardest part of GRE. As, english is not our mother tongue, the part is a little bit difficult for us. In this part, your vocabs and comprehension abilities will be tested. So, hone your vocab skill before taking the exam!

Quantitative Reasoning : All you need is the knowledge of fundamental maths! If you’re a pro at math, then acing this part is child’s play for you. 


Analytical Writing : Here, your analytical thought process will be tested. You will be given a situation and all you need to do is, to defend it or show your perspective towards that particular situation by writing a constructive essay using valid arguments and obviously, correct grammar and punctuation marks!


Why should you take the GRE?

Now, here’s the important question, why you should take the test. Most of the universities consider GRE score as an easy method to compare you to others applicants. Because, the letter of recommendations, GPA, personal statements vary because of the different evaluation methods of different colleges/universities. That’s why, GRE is the quantified, standard way to understand someone’s eligibility and obviously easily comparable to others. 

To fulfill your dream of pursuing a Masters or PhD abroad you might sit for the GRE test!

GRE will surely give your application a boost. If you are planning to go to a grad school, your CGPA, recommendation letter, everything is needed to get into it. Having a good GRE score will strengthen your application. Sometimes, a good score can give a back to your low/medium CGPA. If your CGPA is not that satisfactory, a good result in the GRE test will help you to be in the game. 

The validity of the GRE test score is five years. This implies, you can use your GRE score to apply for a grad school even after five years of taking the test! Say, you took the test this year, but then again you’re thinking that this might not be the best year to go abroad (Obviously, the pandemic is still going!), so you didn’t apply. You can apply with the same test score next year. GRE test gives you this flexibility. If you notice, then you will realize that it also helps you to determine whether you’re still ready to get into a graduate school or not! 

If you want to get into a grad school, then don’t take the test lightly, having a good GRE score is kinda mandatory, as it is an important part of your application. So, buckle up, and start taking preparation for your GRE test!


Where to start and how to start? :

If, by this time, you are convinced that taking GRE is important, then you must be thinking right now, where to start and how to start your preparation for this test! Don’t worry! Interactive Cares is always there to help you! Let me tell you, what you need to do. Register yourself first (if you already have an account on our site, then it’s cool, just sign in), go to the courses option, enroll yourself in our GRE COURSE. The course is a pre-recorded one, taken by Rafid Rahman Turjo, GRE score 332 out of 400, graduated from Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, University of Dhaka with a CGPA of 4.00 out of 4.00. 

Also, we have a 75% discount on our GRE course. You can buy the course only at 600tk (after discount, previously it was 2400.

What are you waiting for? Start your preparation with our awesome instructor! Hurry up! Offer ends soon!


Here’s the course link :

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