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Learning is an indispensable part of our daily life. In this fast paced modern era, to march with the rest of the world we must learn new things constantly. We all know ‘Knowledge is Power ‘ that’s nothing new. But just knowing is not enough, we must keep a vivid memory of the things we learn. Numerous studies throughout the world have revealed that our memory system works in a certain way and it can be improved by implementing some techniques. Here we have discussed about some hacks that we can use to boost our memory—


Quizzing Yourself

Quizzingis very helpful for cementing something to the memory. We always find quiz exercises after a chapter of any academic book. It is because quizzing helps us to remember something more clearly. Sometimes there are many topics that we couldn’t understand properly after reading it once. If we quiz ourselves, we get to know the topic we are struggling with. Recalling is an essential formula of boosting memory. While quizzing, we need to recall a lot which is very important for keeping something in the long term memory. Make a habit of asking yourself questions after completing every topic of whatever you’re reading, you will experience a positive change.



Using Visualization

Making diagrams and flowcharts of the topics we are learning can dramatically boost our memory capability. Human beings, in general, can remember a diagram way more vividly than a written text. Sometimes just visualizing things on our mind is enough, we do not need to draw always. If we regularly visualize while learning, we will find the diagrams floating before our eyes when we need those. This trick is easy to implement and very effective for improving memory.



Writing on paper

Writing down the key points of the topic we are reading helps a lot in boosting our memory. We are more likely to remember the things we write down than the things we just hear. Writing while reading activates different parts of the brain so it becomes easier for us to retain the information in our memory for long. Typing can also be a solution but it’s not as effective as writing with a pen and paper. Writing gives us an outline of the things and so our brain can connect with the topics easily.



Sleeping properly

Sleeping is very helpful for the overall health of our mind. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day makes us less stressed. Sleep refreshes our mind. A less stressed refreshed brain is always more capable of retaining information than a stressed brain. While sleeping, we subconsciously reflect on the things we have learnt. Rather than reading all night before exams, it is always a good idea to have a proper sleep. Taking Naps in between learning hard lessons can also be an effective method of boosting memory.



Exercising regularly

How irrelevant it may sound, exercise has a significant impact on our mind. Exercising regularly ensures proper flow of oxygen in blood which helps to keep us less stressed. While exercising, our brain generally goes to a diffused mode which improves long term memory. Taking a short walk in between learning also boosts our memory.



Boosting memory will take us a long way and give us an edge above others. Try these hacks and see your recalling capability improving!



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