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Volvo- A Brand Loyalty Any Entrepreneur Wants

Volvo XC90

Now-a-days, many entrepreneurs start their company & they want to establish their firm by making their brand more popular & more buzzing. They do whatever it takes to make their firm an established one.

This 21st century was a transitional year for the automobile company. Companies like Tesla & other electronic car manufacturer company came to the automobile business & it changed the face of the automobile industry.

Despite the fact that Tesla is more popular in the world, one car manufacturer company is successfully retaining their market & also making more revenue than previous years. This company proves that if you provide quality material & not compromise with ethics & principle, then your company always does more business than any other company. The name of the company is Volvo & one of the secrets of their success is the brand loyalty they earn for more than 90 years in the automobile industry.

Let’s go back to history & know how Volvo did all of this & more importantly how they earn the brand loyalty that every entrepreneur wants. But first let’s know a little bit about brand loyalty.

What is Brand Loyalty & Why It is Important?

Brand Loyalty

Customers may acquire devotion to a brand known as brand loyalty. Customers build brand loyalty when they discover services or products that they need. An essential element of advertising is brand loyalty, since it helps businesses develop strong brands and attract consumers back.

Brand loyalty isn’t just the act of purchasing goods over and over again; it’s when the customer creates a favorable brand picture in their mind, making them a positive corporate enthusiast. Customers who are completely pleased with a product or service will likely purchase the same brand again and over again.

The way consumers choose to shop over time is called brand loyalty, and it is formed through repeating the usage of an item, customer support, or brand. Satisfied customers who appreciate the excellence and benefits of a product will often be committed to a particular company.

A favorable attitude toward a particular product is beneficial for businesses, since it makes their customers more likely to share good brand recommendations and promote positive recommendations. Brand loyalty in consumers results in them being frequent customers, and also makes it easier for their friends and family to recognize the advantages that goods and services have provided to them.

Brand loyalty is critical for businesses. To have a brand loyalty management strategy in place so that consumers can be confident they are getting the proper value offering. Developing brand loyalty means prioritizing quality of the product, awareness of the brand, and good reputation.

About Volvo

Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson established Volvo, which means “I roll,” as a spin-off from SKF, a maker of ball bearings. The front grille of the vehicle displays a Swedish iron emblem, which is affixed to something like a diagonally chunk of steel. Volvo’s first vehicle rolled off the assembly line in Gothenburg, Sweden, on April 14, 1927.

Volvo vehicles are noted for their endurance and ruggedness, since they were built to withstand the severe Swedish environment. Also in Denver, severe winters may have a negative effect on cars, therefore the idea works for them there.

Volvo was a brand-new arrival in the United States when they first debuted their cars to our market in the 1940s, and they quickly made a name for themselves because of their ability to withstand the climatic variations in our country.

Volvo PV544, the first car with three-point safety belts on the marketplace, was introduced in 1959. Volvo’s first sports vehicle was the P1800, which first saw the light of day in 1960 and was popular in the first season of The Saint, in which Roger Moore drove one. The Volvo 850 debuted in the middle of 1991. This first front-wheel drive, transverse five-cylinder engine vehicle from Volvo was a premier executive automobile.

Starting in 1964 with the introduction of the Volvo 140, the company shifted its focus to becoming a family-centric vehicle brand. Volvo was known for making stylish cars that were functional and practical, but this vehicle was different since it was roomy and came with additional luggage room.

A bendable steering wheel and crumple zones which absorb collision energy were notable safety features. However, it was discovered that rear-facing baby seats were indeed a safer method to transport with children of a young age. In addition to inventing side-impact protection, Volvo initiated the use of the three-way catalytic converter, which was also initially used by Volvo and improved emissions.

Volvo put a lot of work on pioneering the most significant automobile safety technologies still in use in the 21st century, and did it over the following several decades.

Building The Brand Loyalty by Volvo

Back in 1959, Volvo presented one of the pioneered cars of the automobile industry, Volvo PV544 which redefined the course of the automobile industry. Volvo PV544 was the first car in the automobile industry with safety belts which is now an essential part of every car. The building of brand loyalty towards Volvo started with this car. Let’s know the reasons & the history.

1) Putting Ethics Over Money

An industrialized standard is that important patents provide you with a defensible edge over your competitors, granting you monopolistic power in the United States and other nations for 20 years. A modest ten dollars royalties on each and every vehicle the rivals made, without any need to make a single automobile, would provide a staggering $400 million to Volvo.

In order to make the seat belt’s safety more widely available, Volvo actually gave the seat belt’s three-point mechanism away towards other car manufacturers, which in turn became the cause of saving over a million lives annually and has turned the seat belt’s three-point mechanism into one of the most significant automobile industry innovations, which in turn has also turned the automobile industry upturned.

Volvo also introduced innovative products including laminated glass which doesn’t disintegrate when damaged, as well as the four-year-old-child-saving booster’s cushion. There’s a curious truth about Volvo’s business culture if we consider current day models.

In the past, they’d kept all their mishap and engineering research results secret, but now they are releasing it along with their rivals, even if they’re competitors, so that every company can build safer vehicles for the public. It was like this, preserving ethical standards and re-inventing the phrase conscious capitalism, that Volvo created unparalleled brand loyalty which everyone dreams of, even the business itself.

Volvo & Safety

2) No Compromise with Safety Question

We must always be shocked by Volvo’s outstanding safety regulations if we consider the company’s security procedures nowadays. The company’s safety regulations are superior to those of other vehicle manufacturer companies. Volvo is among the few corporations that just get five-star certifications for safety and who talk extensively regarding its brand.

Volvo intends to associate its name with safety. It wants to be the first brand customers think of when they think of safety. One unique advantage (USP) that differentiates Volvo from its competitors is indeed the brand’s determining value for each people. One compelling statistic that demonstrates Volvo’s dedication to this goal is the company’s XC90 vehicle, which has now been sold 50,000 times in the previous sixteen years without having fatality in a collision.

3) Prioritize The Brand’s Image Over Anything

Volvo's Reflective Paint

Volvo is taking extra steps to ensure that its brand reputation is distinct. They have cemented their status as the world’s safest car. Volvo has always been committed to the convenience of the world, and they are now applying that philosophy to environmental preservation with their new clean fuel strategy.

In 2015, Volvo expanded their concept of safety to include the roughly nineteen thousand British cyclists who are in accidents per year because drivers of automobiles are unable to notice them. So, they collaborated with a business venture and used unique reflective paintwork that can really make bicycles visible throughout the dark, even though their vehicle spotlights passed by.

Volvo sent out complementary sets of such paints to some of the most prominent cycling shops, and twenty thousand sets of these colors were sold in less than a week. Despite the lack of a media budget, the campaign managed to create a significant amount of interest online, with the YouTube video getting four million views within just twenty-one days, plus 130 million worldwide media engagements.

End Note

Did you know that even now-a-days, brand loyalty is the first & foremost thing for Volvo & they go any further for retaining the brand loyalty with their name? now-a-days Volvo brand has successfully positioned itself as the safest vehicle in the world, so perhaps a father would really want to give a Volvo car to his children.

In this article, we explained why & how Volvo maintains the brand loyalty over the years although they lose a huge royalty, but in exchange Volvo gets the brand loyalty which is beyond any imagination.

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