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How to do Youtube keyword Research in 3 Easy Steps?

YouTube Keyword Research is now known to the vast majority of people using the YouTube platform.

Using keywords correctly to rank your channel high is demonstrated in this guide.

Aside from that, incorporating the right keywords allows you to grow your channel exponentially.

Using this trick, you’ll attract a more significant number of viewers and receive a more substantial number of subscribers.

You can use this guide to learn how to do YouTube keyword research:

Step #1: Establish the Hierarchy of Topics:

You should first map out and create a hierarchy of topics for your YouTube video.

You might decide to categorize different mobile phone brands first, then diversify this hierarchy into their sub-models if your video is about selling mobile phones.

Creating or making videos about a wide range of topics is not a good idea. If you do this, your videos will be viewed only by irrelevant and useless viewers.

It is a crucial aspect of the YouTube Keyword Research process.

The most important thing is to make and organize a hierarchy of sub-topics to organize your video content.

In addition to deciding which mobile phone brand you will review, you also need to determine which models you will study.

In this next step, we’ll discuss step two of this YouTube Keyword Research project.

Step #2: Find search volumes and come up with keyword ideas:

Check the search volumes for keywords and continue to come up with ideas. You can find authentic keyword research tools in this area of YouTube Keyword Research.

By doing so, you can find out what people are currently searching for.

Additionally, you should select and use that keyword research tool that shows you YouTube search volumes.

In this YouTube analytics tool, you can identify the percentage of views from ads and what percentage are from organic search.

It is possible to create a very relevant and vital keyword list with the help of these tools.

If you create this extensive list, you can narrow the search further as you see fit.

YouTube auto-suggest and Google trends can be incredibly useful for finding keyword ideas for your videos.

If you type a seed keyword right there in your YouTube search bar, a list of autosuggest results will appear in front of you,

As a result of these results, you can get an instant idea of what keywords are trending these days.

Using these steps, you can now find YouTube Keywords! You should know this pro tip as well.

Google Trends can be combined with these autosuggest results to give you the best results.

Step #3: Determine Search Intent:

The final step of this YouTube Keyword Research process is to check the search intent.

If your chosen and selected keywords fail to match the search intent, your entire effort has been unable.

Understanding search intent is crucial. Additionally, to accomplish this process, go to YouTube, start typing in a specific keyword, and then look at the top search results.

With this, you will be able to see what is currently being searched for by people! As far as this YouTube Keyword Research is concerned, there is one more pro-tip for you.

Consider analyzing the top YouTube search results and then plan what keywords to use.

To see these top search results, use the incognito tab.

Furthermore, you can find keywords that are accompanied by videos.

Find out how many search volumes a specific keyword has got and received by pasting it into Google and YouTube.

You’ll be able to receive traffic from both Google and YouTube services if you do this.

Find out more about YouTube Keyword Research.

Besides that, the content explorer can assist you.

By topic, you can search and look for keywords here—the content explorer functions as a type of searchable database.

Additionally, it has billions of web pages and a wide range of social metrics.

You can use it to find out which keywords are trending right now, and it shows you all of the search operators.

By browsing the site explorer and YouTube explorer, you can search for high-traffic videos.

It is only possible for a YouTube channel to gain popularity if embossed with high-ranking keywords.

By accessing the Videos section of the YouTube platform, you can see which keywords these most watched and most liked videos are using and incorporating.

An overview of YouTube Keyword Research can be found in the following guide. By following this strategy, you can target your videos’ keywords perfectly and professionally.

Moreover, if you follow up with this guide, your channel will be in a better position. Furthermore, you’ll begin to see more subscribers and views on your channel.

Where does that leave us?

Where does that leave us?

We want to know whether these tips and suggestions helped you improve your keyword strategy.

With our YouTube Keyword Research guide, we are sure to increase your channel’s traffic.

The conclusion

Stay tuned with us to give you more details on structuring and refining this YouTube Keyword Research process.

More importantly, you can tell us how you plan out keywords for your YouTube videos and what success rate you get.

Keep following our YouTube Keyword Research area for more updates.

Avoid ignoring this critical area because if your keyword research power is not strong enough, the chances of your YouTube channel success will be meagre.

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