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Keep Yourself Checked with these 3 Productivity Apps

Juggling our immense workload through a pandemic is surely difficult. Time showed no mercy even being at home. Almost all our work has shifted to online if not it was already. But keeping track of our work such as meetings, exams, webinars, classes has been the greatest challenge. But fear not! Productivity apps are here to rescue us!

Before that, let’s look at what is productivity and why apps are unavoidable.

Productivity is a measure of consistency of doing important things efficiently than doing many things in a day. It is not burning out yourself, rather obtaining a balance in your work life, social life, and self-care. So, do not fool yourself by falling into the trap of hustle culture.

To explicitly organize your work, you need tools, apps, or planners. Even the most productive people use these to keep themselves checked. Productivity apps let you clear the clutter in your mind, which helps you to work with efficiency.

But there are several apps in the market. Some are for easy note-taking, creating meetings, business planning, and some are for simple time management or to-dos. Selecting one of these that suits your work is bustling. In this write up, I presented three most used and effective apps to minimize this trouble.

  1. nTask
  2. Trello
  3. Todoist


If you are looking for some project management tool for your business or personal usage at an affordable price, nTask is ideal. The third-ranked “Best Free Project Management Software” by Techworld has exquisite features. Anyone can use this simple app for tasks, projects, meeting management, risks, etc.


  • Helps to sync third-party integration such as you can transform comments into tasks using Slack (free bug-tracking)
  • Top-notch security by two-factor authentication
  • Keep notes, to-dos or create tasks, see your progress through bar chart (Gantt chart)
  • Create a team specific workspace. Stay on track with reminders and alerts
  • For teams, you have options for timesheet management or time track module.
  • Issue and risk modules are available to keep track of potential problems
  • One- or recurring-time meeting control and powerful search options are also a lucrative part of nTask.
  • 200MBs File Storage, 5 Projects


  • Does not include all third-parties
  • Not suitable for extensive projects


  • Free
  • Monthly $1 with annual payment plans
  • Freemium plan for 10 members per workspace.


Trello has been one of the most widely used project management tools since its inception in 2011. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a haven for team members to collaborate remotely. It is a Kanban-based software, which is a Japanese layout system that shows all your workflows (like to-do, doing, and done) on one screen. Thus, you can compare your progress visually. This system works with boards or cards where you can add multiple tasks. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web can use Trello.


  • Easy instant messaging with teams is smooth for its natural human UI.
  • Make huge to-do lists, color label stories. The Kanban-style will do its magic to show these altogether.
  • Options for adding due dates, assigning multiple team members. You can manage according to your completion.
  • Easy to invite members to both users and non-users (through email).
  • There are options for making a project private for selected members or public for anyone to view.
  • Three-tier system that are boards, cards, and lists.
  • Tracking time. Superb notification system. Whenever an update is made, there will be an email sent. For mobile users, there are push notifications.


  • Limitation in email integration, storage (only 10 MB per upload for free users, 250 MB for Gold upgraded users), keyboard shortcuts, and labels.
  • Copy-pasting is often difficult in multiple tasks
  • No project bar/Gantt chart
  • The commenting segment does not allow editing.
  • Cards/tasks can be created with only one board


  • Free
  • Monthly $9.99 (business class version)


For an individual, Todoist can be a suitable, hassle-free app as it turns complex to-do lists into an easily manageable platform. It has similarities with Trello, but it is mainly for personal tracking. You can use Todoist in Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web.


  • Numerous plugins and apps for browsers, emails, mobile devices, desktops & laptops
  • Options to prioritize tasks, add subtasks, set goals, measure your progress (visualize)
  • Notifications, reminder, and search options
  • Intuitive and recurring dates
  • Offline support is another great functionality of Todoist
  • You can also share, collaborate with other users and check the progress


  • Several technical issues with subtasks.
  • Limited features in the free version.


  • Free
  • The upgraded version varies from $3 to $5 per month.

In a nutshell, we need to adapt to the dynamic conversion of technology. Considering the sustainability, management of our work will heavily depend on it. So do not waste time! Start a plan and stay productive by tracking your progress with your suitable productivity apps.

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