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Many people desire to join the Bangladesh Army/Navy/Air Force. They have to undergo a crucial step called the Inter-Service Selection Board or I.S.S.B. Please go through the following contents.

What is I.S.S.B?

After the independence of Bangladesh, necessity felt about fixing a variety board for choosing Officers for the soldiers. It was started in 1974 after a military initiative. Similarly, candidates for Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force also want to be selected by respective services headquarters by different boards. Subsequently, combining all the choice boards, the Inter-Services selection Board (I.S.S.B.) came into 1976. Since its inception, I.S.S.B. ‘s main task is to pick candidates for the soldiers of Bangladesh. to understand details about I.S.S.B. click here

There are several steps to qualify in I.S.S.B. Here some tips and tricks have given below:

I.Q. and P.P.D.T.: Strategy may be a catchphrase here. Answer your inquiry as quickly as possible. In any case, don’t make a wreck because every and every check is tallied. About P.P.D.T., Since each test is co-related, make sure in what you write. Your pen picture should count together with your musings pen down. It would help if you got too strict about your rationale. Try to not think with others’ rationale. Your even-minded answer will assist you. plan to give your penny per cent exertion with complete fixation


W.A.T. Word Association Test: The time given is 15 seconds to write down. So be speedy and compose what enters your thoughts initially. The sentence requires not to be syntactically right or the word utilized to form a sentence. Confine mind this isn’t a Make a sentence compose the exam. This exam separates your internal identity into readiness, response composition, and elegance. Therefore you need to be careful.

S.R.T. (Situational Reaction Test): the tests contain everyday handy episodes that you will look at in your real life. Write what activities you, Will combat the off chance you are in those situations. There is no set in stone answers; the best approach is to compose a positive yet honest resident. Here your characteristics, for instance, Courage, helping state of mind, compassion, duty, social connection, strength, genuineness then on, are tried. Record the acceptable responses on a sheet of paper so you’ll contrast an equivalent and a couple of recommendations. (Never duplicate the proposals, for it’s going to lead you to wrong conclusions). More ever you ought to have a selected outlook and decide to achieve your objective. The sober-minded approach is essential.

Topical test:

The Thematic Story composing is going to be 12, taking all things together. Eleven of them are having some photos, and one doesn’t have any. You’ll get around 3 minutes for each story. Try not to compose generalization stories—attempt specific topics for various levels. Confine mind you’re the Hero; the purpose needs to be to bring out authority characteristics of the saint through these stories.

The Qualities that you are to increase through your stories are:-

Sharpness, Average behavior, Thought, Boldness, Assurance AND deciding, Continuance AND, Eagerness, Reasonableness, Adaptability, Genuineness, Diligent WORK, Honesty, Dedication, Administration.


Persistence, Patriotism, Genius


Astuteness, Strong, Politeness, Honesty, Energy

Just amid the observation test, you’re required to offer The age, sex, mindset, and the number of gathering of the people you discover within the photo. Your story must tell the Past and the present while also discussing the future. What’s happening in the image? What’s next?


Each competitor is going to be requested to compose a self-examination amid the test. It may be the last piece of the Psychological test. The purpose of this is often to influence you to confer about yourself with respect as far as anyone cares about yourself.

The standard headings under which you’ll be requested to offer out the evaluation is:-

a) what’s your genuine belief about yourself?

b) What is your family view of you?

c) What does your closest companion consider you?

d) What is your opponent’s opinion of you?

e) What does your instructor consider you?

f) What are your solid focuses?

g) What are your feeble focuses?

h) What are the characteristics you would possibly want to create?

Tips: Go efficient. Proposed headings:

1) About your parents and place of birth, as well as the foundation and history of your family.

2) Physical Attributes

3) Social Contacts

4) Education


Through these suggestions, you can project your Officer-like Qualities to the recruiters at the Services.

Determination Board.

Make sure to be on time and calm, be yourself, exert yourself on your best, but the group’s needs before your own, and never don’t alarm. By acting naturally, you will be observed better by the selectors. All of the selectors are all around prepared, so kindly don’t utilize any out of line implies are feign.

What do they judge at I.S.S.B. in Group Tasks?

A) The Participation of the Candidate is assessed within the defined Rules.

B) Plan and make an intelligent assessment of the circumstances

C) Quality of Individuals within the Group

D) Assuming control of a gaggle to execute an errand

E) Assess the difficulty from various points

F) Assign obligation to Teammates

G) Ability to know the Potential of Group Members

H) Capacity to influence others

I) Alertness

J) creativity

K) Putting the Group before the Self

L) Helping Tendency

M) Originality of Thought

N) Quick deciding

O) Cooperation with Others

P) Group Integration

Q) Planning and Execution

R) Leadership Initiative

Story Writing Tips

Topical composition is given to gauge your creative energy and positive considerations. Once you begin composing the story, recollect the accompanying:

The story needs to have a Past, the present (i.e. what’s occurring within the scene), The Future.

In the story, the saint/champion could be seen/or envisioned. The legend needs to prolong his excellent quality. i.e. that any of the 15 O.L.Q. as of now advised to you during this I.S.S.B. Handbook

The story needs to be around 12 to fifteen sentences – 3 for the Past,6 for the present,3 for the future.

Attempt to do the followings:

Once you have landed, introduce yourself to the staff and demonstrate your reports.

Make whatever number companions as might be expected under the circumstances at the gathering focus itself.

You’ll be judged by your clump mates right from the start. Keep it up as an outstanding man.

You will need to collect all bio information to fill out your landing data form.

Try not to give any false proclamation.

Continuously spruce up flawlessly and appear brilliant. Let people judge a man/lady by what he wears and says.

At the railway station itself purchase a city direct it’ll enable you to believe the town and its places of significance, to move course, prepare timings then forth.,

Continuously address the gathering as Gentlemen or companions. His/her chest number distributed by the board need to be utilized. (Amid Discussion and test because it was.)

Know every one of your gatherings by name his capability; this may enable you amid G.T.O.s (group to errand officer) Task. Attempt and find yourself noticeably documented with them.

Step up, be co-agent. Tune to others. Because the time is at a premium amid talks, talk up. Expressions should be intense and unmistakable, brief, and should not repeat what others have said. It’s wiser to speak either first or second, with the goal that you will have an opportunity to advance your focus.

Amid Psychological tests, Always compose positive sentences/story. It needs to prolong the Officer characteristics (of which you’ve been instructed.)

Amid meeting within the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about any answer, say, “I am sad Sir, I don’t Have the foggiest idea.”

Be quiet, relaxed and mindful. Grin while you enter the talking room and say many thanks at the season of flight. Your handshake needs to be firm.

The talking officer may be a qualified man of honor. Never feign; you’ll get captured and ruin your odds of accomplishment.

Be sure, practice some most loved inquiries.

Your Appearance:

Appearance makes the person. You ought to spruce up for the event. More often than not, you’ll be requested to travel to the Interview within the P.T. Pack. It would help if you stayed a touch pocket Comb and an ideal and clean Handkerchief. Spruce up yourself before you set foot within the questioner’s room. Your delightful grin, excellent behavior and firm handshake will begin the point. As we’ve brought out before, RAPID Fire questions are the request of the. As such, you may be asked to answer numerous questions again if you attempt the search once. Within the event that you haven’t comprehended the inquiry at that time, request the illumination. Attempt and answer the questions in an indistinguishable arrangement from setting forth to you. It would help if you spoke loudly and clearly since there are only about 6 feet between you and the meeting officer. Take the maximum amount of time as necessary to think and answer questions. DO NOT TELL A LIE. you’ll be gotten. Meeting Officers typically hold the Rank of Colonel or its equal rank within the Navy/Air Force. Here are some of the ideas which you’ll think that its helpful while confronting the Interviewing Officer:

Put on simple clothes but well-fitted outfits. Wear no Jewelry.

Ongoing into space with the board and doing what they assert.

Try to not recover from jittery. A minor level of hysteria is average for everybody.

Act naturally

Be considerate and utilize words like “Please”, “Sir”, don’t sound self-absorbed.

Be characteristic and never expire excessive thoughts like” I might pass for my nation” or” the simplest calling is that of the Defense Forces “.

If you do not know how to respond, tell them that you have no idea. You’re not getting to be punished for speaking it.

Be brief, boisterous and precise.

The significant inquiries like Why would you wish to hitch the Army/Navy/Air Force?. There are not any ideal responses to the present question. While noting it plans to expire 4 or 5 actualities, for instance,

Guard administrations offer a Challenge to a teenager

Legitimacy is given due acknowledgement within the Forces.

I will get an opportunity to find out and encounter the significant recent innovative developments.

I like an out entryway life as against a ten to five work area work.

I will get an opportunity to blend with a good range of people and other people from various parts of the state.

As I might wish to think the Uniformed powers offers sensible pay and livens

More to that

Be honest in expressing your leisure activities. Be found out to answer inquiries regarding it.

High light your accomplishment in games, N.C.C. and other additional-curricular activities.

Current undertakings are customary peruse of magazines and newspapers.

When a circumstance is given to you, think that and answer be particular and reply within the most right down to earth way.

Much obliged the Officer for his opportunity before you allow the space.

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