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5 Reasons Why You Need to Learn Python in 2020

Want to earn a lot of money and secure an awesome life? Then, you need to learn python. No..no, I’m not joking at all! I’m serious. In this modern era, data is everything. Data has the power to rule anything. Actually, big data is kinda controlling us, we don’t even realize. To secure your position in the emerging data science industry, you have to be a pro at Python programming. Though, Data scientists use other languages like R, C++, Julia etc. but Python is their favorite. Every person in the data science world has a soft corner for Python. 

Python programming language is like the allrounder friend of us who is good at studies, singing, dancing, debating, writing etc. The language is not only used in the field of data science, but in so many other fields. Let me give you a list! Here it is :

  • Data science
  • Quantitative research
  • Scientific and mathematical field
  • Mapping and geography (GIS software)
  • Computer Graphics 
  • Basic Game development 

Let’s just stop here, because the list is too long!

So, I think you have already guessed, I’m going to talk about the importance of learning Python, the computer programming language, not the snake! Without any further ado, let’s get started :


  • It’s everyone’s favorite : 

As I mentioned earlier about the soft corner part, in the world of data science, a person who is a skilled Python programmer will get the top most priority. Since, Python is used in various industries, in every case, it is needless to say, a python programmer gets the top most priority when it comes to hiring. Also, you can easily switch your field, even if the field is kind of unrelated to each other, if you know Python as it is used everywhere! Because of its versatility, you are not bound to work in a single field. It’s reliability and efficiency make it popular. No wonder, why Python is everyone’s favorite.


  • Earning big bucks! :

Python is the second highest paid computer programming language. If you start your career as a data scientist, you can earn more than $110K  per year. Now, convert the money into taka. Yes, Python can give you that much amount of money that your calculator is showing! Isn’t it amazing?


  • Easy to learn :

It’s very easy to learn. It is beginner friendly. If you are not from a CSE background (like me) or if you don’t even have the slightest idea about programming you can still learn Python with great ease.  Unlike other programming languages, you don’t need to deal with tough syntax, or any compiling issues. Simplified syntax and faster execution of code without even compiling it are the best features of Python.

  • Flexibility and Portability : 

Python ensures flexibility which helps programmers to solve any problems without much difficulty. It has  flexible data types. It has huge libraries. It’s data focused libraries like Pandas, NumPy, matpotlib help to process, visualize the data. These libraries are considered as the data analytics tool in data science. These libraries can be used in multiple platforms such as, data manipulation, statistics, mathematics, machine learning etc. 

Portability is another thing that inspires you to learn the skill. Python programs are supported in any OS platform like Windows, Linux, MAC. As it is a scripted language, it can be written for further interpretation without making any changes in any OS platforms. 

  • A supportive Community :

Python has a strong, supportive, active community. If you need any help regarding a python problem, just go to Stackoverflow and post your problem. So many python lovers will come to help you. It is better than all other programming languages and that’s the reason for its rapid growth of user base. This strong community is making the language popular. No surprise why Python is in high demand. 

Python is a powerful toolbox. Its rich libraries allow it to rule the data world, help the scientists and mathematicians to perform complex numeric operations. It is the versatility that makes it more lucrative in every sector. So, you gotta learn this language! 

Where to start ? :

Don’t worry! Interactive Cares is always ready to help you. We launched a pre-recorded version of Python Course.

If you are a noob like me, then the course is for you! Just hurry up and enroll yourself. Note that, there’s a discount going on in this course! Don’t be late!

Just give it a try : https://interactivecares-courses.com/courses/python-for-beginners/

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