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Whether you are planning to study abroad, gearing up to go on a vacation to your dream destination, studying for your exam, better understanding your favorite foreign movies or just want to expand your knowledge, it’s always important and fun to learn a new language. Besides, in this pandemic and quarantine situation learning a new language can be a very good use of time. There are so many ways to learn a new language. You can take classes, stock up on books, listen to CDs, take online classes and courses or try to learn using apps. Almost all of us have a smartphone today. And we keep using the device every now and then. So why not learn a new language using this device? 

Nowadays, Language learning apps are becoming very popular worldwide. Apps are also said to be revolutionising language learning. Language learning apps can help you to enrich your vocabulary, develop a good sense of grammar and ultimately help you to be fluent in your targeted language. They are also very economical compared to any other formal settings of language learning. There are a lot of apps available where you can learn a new language at free of cost. If you are ready to pay some money then you can have a huge number of options for language learning apps.


Here is a list of some amazing language learning apps that will make it easy for you to learn any language-

1. Rosetta Stone- Rosetta stone is one of the most known language learning services of all time. Rosetta stone has been in this sector for almost 27 years now. So it is quite obvious that it has a mobile app too. There are 24 languages in Rosetta stone. You can choose your desired language and then start learning the basics. In rosetta stone app they use words, images, native speaker voices to help you learn easily and effectively. Anyone can easily review their progress in this app. Another key feature  of this app is Phrasebook, which is very popular among travelers. Phrasebook teaches useful phrases of different languages.

Rosetta stone is basically a subscription based app. But users can enjoy the first lesson for free to see if they like it or not.

2. Memrise- Memrise is another amazing app for learning language. One of the interesting things about memrise is that they use short videos to show how native speakers expresse different phrases in conversation. Memrise basically focuses on utilizing memory techniques for learning a new language. This app also keeps tracks of how many words have been learned and the total amount of words mastered. Users find this feature very effective for their learning.

You can learn the first level of any course for free in this app. Then if you like it, you can continue learning by paying some money for the subscription. 

3. Beelinguapp- Beelinguapp has a different approach regarding language learning. This app involves audio books. They have collections of children’s stories, short stories, novels and much more. The app offers you these different stories with audio book readers in a variety of dialects. You can see the story on the screen in your own language as well as the language you are learning. You can follow along with the reader as the words are highlighted with the narration. This is really helpful for pronunciation.There is also an option to read the story yourself. 

Users can have access to some of the features for free. For full access you need to pay.

4. Babble- Babble has similarity with the app Rosetta stone. It has 14 language options. Users can select which language they want to learn and then start learning the basics. In 10-15 minute lessons learners have opportunities to practice and gain skills in reading, writing and speaking in likely scenarios. Finishing the lessons users can view the vocabulary list and choose flashcards or writing exercises to review their learning. 

The first lesson is free in babble. Afterwards users need to buy the subscription. They have a twenty day money back guarantee.

5. Duolingo- If you are into games, then you will love this app. Duolingo is a language learning app focusing on learning language via games. They motivate users to learn language by accomplishing daily streaks, earning points, getting virtual currency and competing with others through leaderboard features. They have also added a new feature called Duolingo Stories. This feature is designed for beginner and intermediate level learners of Spanish, French, Portuguese and German. This is a really helpful feature for practicing reading comprehension. It’s so amazing that learners can quickly pick up the basics of any language with duolingo without even realizing it. And the most amazing thing is the app is free. 


Learning a new language can be a hard task. But innovative language learning apps can help you to learn and improve your language skills. Different apps use different types of strategies to make your learning experience more effective and enjoyable. So just download one of these apps according to your learning style and start learning a new language.


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