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Interactive Cares is a one-stop virtual Ed tech Platform for creating employability through courses, career paths & learning paths.

October 21, 2022 | 05:00 PM

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Welcome to Interactive Cares

Interactive Cares is a one-stop virtual Ed Tech Platform for creating employability through courses, career paths & learning paths.

IDEA Innovation 3.0

Apart from all these, Interactive Cares will give help and aid to the young participants and they will be supported by investors to make their ideas come to life. Winners will get opportunities to publish their work and take help from our renowned partners.

1st Round

Idea submission on online platforms


It will be an online set of sessions and mentorships for the teams who will overcome the online submission round. This round will consist of live instructional meetings where members will be acquainted with the useful execution of Ideas and models and other essential data about Startup, Funding, Pitching and many more.

Semi FInal

The participants will have to create a prototype of their idea and present it on stage to the judges and trainers, toppers will proceed to the Grand Final. Participants will use the knowledge they will get from the Bootcamp.

Grand Final

The selected Finalists will pitch their idea, it a prototype and explain how they will implement it in the real world and what difference it will create professionally in front of potential Investors, Famous Personalities and Judges.

Explore Your Innovation Skill

Interactive Cares is a one-stop virtual Ed tech Platform for creating employability through courses, career paths & learning paths. This platform provides assistance in developing skills, advancing in the academic sector, building careers and overall growth in professionals. This year, Interactive Cares is back with their flagship event to hit the floor again, naming it “Idea Innovation 3.0”. The initial two ventures brought a plethora of success by engaging over 3 thousand participants. Our previous two events had an audience of 0.7 million. Winners were given opportunities to pitch their idea to the masses and they had all sorts of technical support and training from Interactive Cares.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This year, the competition will be huge and the event will be a goliath. The motto of this year’s event is Sustainability through Innovation. This unique event of Interactive Cares is designed to bring about exceptional thoughts and ideas to reality and them achieve new goals. The results are intended to wheel cultural and financial development, to fortify globalization. This occasion will shield the main edge of the business audience and their progressive ideas. This could be a gainful stage for the understudies from school and undergrad levels as well as graduates, who can think capriciously, produce provocative ideas, and invigorate their thoughts into substantial reality. The hopefuls can take part solo or collectively.

Benefits of IDEA Innovation 3.0

To boost the enterprising proposition of new personalities, the Champions from this event will be granted award cash worth 1 lakh. Along with these, the standout projects from this event will receive recognition as well. They will be offered opportunities as such:


Idea Innovation Contest 3.0- Sustainability Through Innovation

Team Members from different / cross universities are allowed. One single individual can also participate as a team.


FAQ For IDEA Innovation 3.0

You can register through the form:  

The registration fee is BDT 800/ per team. 

Payment Methods:

Bkash Number – 01727659043 (Personal), 01763881476 (Personal), 01303119084 (Personal)

Rocket Number– 016827954758

Nagad Number – 01727659043, 01682795475

You can either participate as a team. The team can be cross-institution. The maximum number of team members is 4, an individual can also participate as a team. You have to pitch your ideas and concepts you think to be revolutionary in the business world.

Students from college and above can take part in the competition. They can team up across institutions.

The case competition will consist of 4 rounds. 1st round, Virtual Bootcamp,Semi-Final, Final Round.

It’s not a business competition. This a both entrepreneurship and SDG based idea competition

No. It’s not. You can submit both SDG based and Entrepreneurial Idea.

No, you have to give raw ideas in the first round and the other will be based on that.

The first round will be the online idea submission round. The participants selected from this round will advance to Virtual Bootcamp. There they’ll have a live training session in which participants will be introduced to the practical implementation of ideas, models, and other crucial information about startups, Funding, Pitching, and many more. Using the learning materials from this, in the semi final the participants will have to create a TVC of their idea and present it to the judges and trainers and public group of Intercative Cares. The top presenters will proceed to the Grand Finale. The finalists will pitch their prototype idea, and explain how they will implement it in the real world and what difference will it make professionally.  Potential Investors, renowned experts, and personalities will give an audience and judgment to them.

Prize pool worth of BDT for participants

# Champion – 50000 BDT

# 1st Runner Up – 30000 BDT

# 2nd Runner Up – 20000 BDT

Besides, the extraordinary project composers from the contests will receive the opportunities of training sessions with leading experts, mentoring sessions and live chat, introducing their ideas to the eminent investors in the country, networking with famous personals, and broadcasting opportunities with radio and print media regarding business information and publication. Also, the champion ideas will be granted investors’ support for implementation.