Join Our Affiliate Programs

How Does this work?

1. What is Interactive Cares courses affiliate program?

Our affiliate program encourages you to earn monetary rewards for bringing students and learners to our courses.

2. Does it cost to become an affiliate?

It is free of cost so you can start right away.

3. How much do I get in return?

This will be based on the contract but it can go upto 50%.

4. Where to promote?

You can promote through your websites. But if you have none, not to worry! You can promote through Facebook, YouTube, Email, LinkedIn & other social media.

5. What is the payment process?

You can pay via bkash or bank account. Just put the bkash transaction ID or bank account number correctly.

6. How do I join the affiliate program?

Just register on our website and fill up the necessary information.

7. Can I place ads?