About Us

Interactive Cares is Country’s first-ever cloud & AI-Based Platform for giving education, health, mental health & legal service to customers through real-time communication. People can directly chat, voice call, video call with the experts. Through this, experts can serve irrespective of locations & time


Interactive Cares, a concern of Interactive Ventures Limited, is country's first ever cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) based platform for E-learning, health, mental health and legal service to customers through real time communication. Through this website, people can easily register and search experts for those four mentioned services. They can directly chat, voice call and video call with them. Moreover, there will be virtual whiteboard, automated prescription system for the experts. This is completely new in our country. Through this, experts can serve individual or group people irrespective of locations and time. Through using virtual whiteboard, experts can easily make understand things to user by touching and using the whiteboard features on the screen. They can write things there to make the session easier. Automated prescription will make service easier for the doctors and patients. There will be open question asking platform where people can ask for their queries and get replies from the experts. They will get academic resources like books, solutions, notes, creative illustrations and can download those free of cost. The official website is www.interactivecares.com. Interactive Cares is also one of the unique platform which delivers both one to one learning solution & recorded course. With a vision to extend the offerings regionally and globally, Interactive Cares is ready to move.