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Master these Post-pandemic Employability Skills

The ongoing pandemic has shattered the structure of the job sector and associated skills. If you believe that conventional trends such as high academic excellence, popular subjects are enough to secure any jobs, you are living in a fool’s paradise. So, adapt to the new employability skills to get in the line of demand in the market.

Employability skills or workplace skills are those qualities that apply to any job. These comprise soft skills like-personal qualities, values, behaviors, basic knowledge on particular aspects. Now, these were already in demand for job sectors, but the COVID-19 outbreak has made these a prerequisite.

There will be high demand for jobs in pharmaceuticals, information communication, and technology, e-commerce, healthcare services, Agro-food, creative media in the post-pandemic era. For instance, we already see a rise in online doctors, mental health consultants in the health sector. One of the most prominent initiatives is “Interactive Cares” in this field. It brings experts in health, education, and law to ease accessibility through technology. To thrive in all the sectors mentioned above, one needs to master employability skills. Let’s look at these skills one by one.

The Winner will be a Technophile

The machines are spreading faster than the virus, in all honesty. From work, education to recreation or communication, technology is advancing. If you do not know your tech, you are way behind in the competition. Coronavirus taught us that technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality is not only expanding in businesses but also in our personal lives too. We will use technology to prepare for our next pandemic or disaster, enhance our supply chain, or improve our health. The range is beyond our grasp yet.

We also need to learn digital skills, such as coding, web development, and digital marketing. Almost all companies are digitally based, in some way or another. So, tech-savviness is the first skill you should focus on.

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Be a Leader, Not a Boss

The gig economy in the post-pandemic time will only grow. People will take the lead more to create and innovate. In the initial stage of lockdown, we have seen several small startups started either to address the issue of food or essential goods supply or just to make use of the time and do something creative. In a broad category, there will be significant changes in employee expectations. The new normal will require ethical leaders who can communicate with clarity, empathy, and resilience. Particularly at this time, leaders must give emotional guidance. The days of being a boss and giving commands are over. One must take the lead and iron out problems.

“It is often said that you don’t develop character during a crisis. Rather, a crisis reveals the true character you already have.”

Vanessa Pigrum.

Become Emotionally Intelligent

Another head to head important skill with leadership is emotional intelligence. Be that in business or social life, you need to be aware of, express, and control your emotions. Connecting with people on an emotional level is crucial for growth.

Commit to a Lifetime of Learning

As I have mentioned earlier, the job sectors will take a new turn. According to the World Economic Forum, 35 percent of the skills considered essential today will change. It means the hard skills required in five years might not be your comfort zone. So, buckle up to learn things you have never imagined doing before. But no need to panic as learning has been easier these days. Check out Interactive Cares’ course page to start picking up.

Underrated Skill of Negotiating

Not everyone talks about this skill, yet it is crucial for almost all sectors, especially in businesses. To sell products, to set better prices, to find the common ground- negotiation is a must-have skill. In this pandemic, money is scarce, which is the reason businesses need to negotiate more effectively to spend less and profit more.

Contrary to the mainstream idea of “Jack of all trades, master of none”- you have to be an expert at these few skills to secure your job. These skills are not difficult to acquire, but certainly need a long time to master. So, you better start practicing now.

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