DevOps Course Pre-Requisite - Interactive Cares

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Module 01: Version Control System (VCS)

Module 02: OS concepts

Module 03: Networking

Module 04: Containerizations

Module 05: Continuous Integration (CI)

Module 06: Continuous Delivery (CD)

Module 07: Server Management

Module 08: Infrastructure as Code IaC

Module 09: Public Cloud Providers (AWS)

Module 10: Kubernetes (K8s)

Module 11: Monitoring, Alerting, and Log Ingestions (overview)

Module 12: Support Group and Important link

Module 13: Live Class

DevOps Course Pre-Requisite

1. Knowledge of any one programming language

2. Basic knowledge of the Software development cycle

3. Good to have: Basic knowledge of how different application components work together (we will cover this throughout the course.)