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Studying has become tricky when the world is going through a pandemic. Remote learning is the new normal and its popularity will only grow. So, to adapt we need to familiarize ourselves with the best resources and utilize the biggest blessing in this tough time, the internet. But there are numerous websites to study, and choosing the suitable ones for you is a lot harder than we can imagine. To ease your struggle, this write-up will gather the top 5 useful websites till date. But also look for an additional surprise in the end.

1. Khan Academy

It is not an unknown platform for studying hundreds of lessons, lectures, irrespective of ages. Anyone can tap their inner knowledge hunger to learn a wide variety of things from here such as math, history, science, social science, and more. You can practice to hammer your acquired knowledge too. Did I mention there are 30 different languages to choose?

Introducing…the Learning Dashboard

Also, another spark is that the pioneer Khan Academy is a non-profit organization. So, learn for free with the website or the app.

2. GoConqr 

Even the name of this website is motivating from the start. This is quite a different site as it makes your lecture notes into a salient story or a mind map. That automatically improves your grasp of study materials. You can also create flash cards, quizzes, and notes.

There are also some other cool features, like an online calendar and study planner. This is not the end of the advantages of GoConqr. You can also create groups to collaborate with other people, discuss and share resources. A great way to boost your efficiency of studying.

GoConqr Getting Started Guide | Slide Set

3. EasyBib

There are a few students who never faced problems with referencing at least for once. But with EasyBib you can easily release the pain of citations. This site uses book barcodes to create accurate citations. You can also add other resources information to get the citations. After that you can email and send the citation to yourself or export directly to your writing easily. You can use this on an android phone too. So, a day long process in a few clicks. That’s it!

New & Improved Guides Homepage! - EasyBib Blog

4. Evernote

Note taking is stressful, which is why another note taking app is important to talk about. This website or application has risen to the top favorites of many colleges or university students. Evernote helps you to assemble and organize your collected information into one single place. The easy using technique and smooth playing with the rest of the operating system is the best feature of it.

Other handy features are adding images, audio, PDFs, scans, etc. So, pretty much everything. You can search anything from anywhere by syncing all your devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets. So, ensure Evernote as your go-to app for studying from now on.

Best Note Taking App - Organize Your Notes with Evernote

5. MentalFloss

This website can be categorized as a procrastinating tool. But this helps you to learn facts from all around the world. For example, food, culture, science, etc. The wide range of interesting and weird topics will not only boost your knowledge but also help you escape the exhausting study schedule.

Uk.mentalfloss.com website. Mental Floss.

6. Interactive Cares

I cannot overlook this rising organization that is helping the students to cope with the massive technological shift during this pandemic. This E-learning platform will offer you various courses, experts not only for academic, personal growth but also mental health. Anyone can receive a wide range of free resources such as books, solutions, notes, creative illustrations, or seek information in an open question asking platform. The website is the all in one solution for anyone seeking knowledge, support, or resources. So, check this out as soon as you can.

Interactive Cares | LinkedIn

These websites will not eliminate your pressure completely. But it will be a lot easier to concentrate, learn new things, organize your hectic schedule. So, worry less and bring the best out of these websites.

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